Webinar: Producing perfect fund factsheets in half the time

When thinking about fund factsheets there are a number of familiar terms that come to mind like “volume”, “data accuracy”, “compliancy and regulations”, “on-time distribution”. But producing perfect factsheets doesn’t have to be complex. 

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In this 30-minute webinar we explore five ways you can move towards automating your factsheet production process so that you are not only saving on time and costs, but also meeting the compliance and regulatory needs of your business.

Key learning objectives:

  1. Creating customised approval step workflows
  2. Closing the feedback loop when errors are identified
  3. Retaining control and flexibility with real-time data changes
  4. Effectively managing compliancy rules in different jurisdictions
  5. Distributing documents with meta tags that can be used to boost marketing initiatives

Presented by Julia Quickfall, Product Manager for DocPress, this webinar provides valuable insight to all asset managers looking to improve their factsheet production processes using automation.