How to build a world-class Fund Center

28th February, 2019
Presented by
Grant Swart, Product Manager, Kurtosys

Kurtosys Fund CenterYour Fund Center is the most critical aspect of your asset management website, but what does it take to make one truly world-class, and what considerations should you address beforehand? 

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll explore:

  1. How to tailor Fund Centers to different types of investor and intermediaries, while remaining compliant with market regulations
  2. How to create clear user journeys so that your clients can find data quickly and easily
  3. The key UX principles that ensure your Fund Center is intuitive and delightful for your investors

Based on our own research, as much as 70% of traffic to asset management websites is focused on your product data pages. Presented by Grant Swart, product manager for the Kurtosys Fund Center, this webinar will provide useful insight to all asset managers who are looking to improve the digital product data experience for their customers and partners.

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