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"Great study, I have done my own research into this. I am a millennial myself and a lot of the conclusions you have drawn match mine. Very interesting insight to the way in which millennials view investing and I found the setup very good. Thank you. "
Alexander Tom, Atlantic Financial Group
What can we learn from Millennials?

What can we learn from Millennials when it comes to their investing habits?

Kim Bell from Bdifferent (Financial Services Market Research), explores results from their UK study of 1,000 Millennials. The blended qualitative and quantitative study looks at the following themes and statistics:

  • Broad trends in the Millennial financial journey
  • Levels of savings and investments
  • Current accounts, cards, savings and investments
  • Perceptions of investment houses
  • Key influencers on investment decisions
  • How Millennials want to be communicated with

Follwing on from Kim's presentation, Richard Watts from Kurtosys provides perspectives on how Asset & Wealth Managers can drive digital interaction with Millennial Investors.

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