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Future of Marketing in Financial ServicesOur latest guest webinar comes from Harvest, presented by Bob Dryzgula, CMO. Harvest is a financial discovery marketplace that enables financial firms to meaningfully reach a targeted, investment focused audience — and use behavioral data to initiate and strengthen prospect/client relationships. 

"This was a most insightful session."
"Thank you, this was quite insightful."

About the webinar:

In a world where technology is permeating every part of our lives, it’s more important than ever that financial firms embrace the changes and use them to enhance customer relationships. Firms that adapt will win.

Digital and marketing trends in the financial industry are dramatically changing the way Sales and Marketing teams work together, allowing them to be closer and more efficient. Firms are now using data to help them reach their core missions and measure return on investment. But the challenge is using data in the right way to gain an edge.

This discussion is about what is happening in the marketplace that financial firms need to know, understand and react to in order to help clients. We'll discuss Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, FinTech trends.

Understanding and using your data leads to happier client retention and more sales and ultimately better relationships.

Thanks to all those who joined the live presentation, we hope you can join us for our next webinar.

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